Pop Up Camper Replacement Canvas

Some Pop Up Camper Replacement Canvas Options

Even though a camper canvas is quite long lasting and durable, due to constant exposure to the elements it is bound to start wearing out after some time and therefore need some changing. It is worth mentioning that for pop up campers, the best and most accurate way of getting  a pop up camper replacement canvas is by buying one based on the model that you have. Most dealers who handle canvas replacements also tend to sell their canvases based on the model rather than on measurements. Some shops may even request you to hand in the old canvas so that they can get the dimensions and necessary patterns.

It is important to therefore take cognizance of the pattern on the canvas, the color as well as the finishing. To give your pop up camper a complete new look, try and get a different color from the one you are currently using.

Replacing the old camper canvas is not difficult, it is very similar to hanging a set of curtains. Just make sure there is an extra hand to help you through the process. Simply remove all the fasteners along the roof and the body, then slowly pull off the old canvas, this is bound to take you around two hours. To install a new canvas, simply reverse the procedure: place the canvas on the frame, and use the fasteners to hold it into place: start from the corners or edges so as to make it a tad easier.

Pop Up Camper Replacement Canvas – Recommendations

Here are some examples of pop up camper replacement canvas readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Alpine / Nomad Replacement Canvas

Price: $ 890.00

URL: http://is.gd/GRECve

2) Product Name: Layton Camper Canvas Replacement

Price: $ 890.00

URL: http://is.gd/CJHSss

3) Product Name: Jayco 2008 Camper Canvas Replacement

Price: $ 1205.00

URL: http://is.gd/sinXPL

4) Product Name: Coachman 1998 to present canvas replacement

Price: $ 965.00

URL: http://is.gd/qmalkf

5) Product Name: Apache Complete Canvas Replacement

Price: $ 940.00

URL: http://is.gd/PqawLR

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