Pop Up Camper Roof Vent Covers

The Ultimate Checklist When Buying Replacement Pop Up Camper Roof Vent Covers

Unbeknownst to many, there are some parts on RVs and camper trailers that despite their crucial role of keeping the recreation vehicle comfortable and the adventure more enjoyable, their importance barely gets noticed. One such part is the RV roof vent, or the ceiling flaps, which are quite essential when it comes to keeping the unit properly ventilated while restricting the harsh elements to the outside. Regardless of the fact that these flaps do not require much in terms of maintenance, there are a few important things you should learn about your pop up camper roof vent. One of these things is that from time to time, this part requires covering with a quality weather resistant product or cover material. This having been said, below are a few things you should know about pop up camper roof vent covers, their importance and how to choose the best cover for your recreational vehicle.

Importance of Roof Vent Covers on You Camper

Due to subjection to harsh weather elements from the exterior, the lifetime of your RV roof vent may be affected. Weather fluctuations in temperature, humidity, snow and moisture are capable of making your roof vent more susceptible to breaking. Thanks to an effective product line of units known as roof vent covers, roof vents can be protected from these harsh weather elements to increase durability and this important RV part. The covers are designed to protect the vent lid from the damaging effects of elements, as well as keeping it dry.

The other function of such covers is that you can easily let ventilation into your pop-up camper while keeping away water from rainstorms. With an effective cover in place, water will not leak in even if the vent is left open. Some models are designed to cover the entire camper trailer or RV, especially during the period when the vehicle is not in use or is kept away for storage. Either way, these covers also save you handsomely on costs as they minimize the need for maintenance repairs and replacements. Below are a few factors to consider when looking for a roof vent cover for your pop-up camper.

Get the Vent Measurements Right

Size is the first and most important factor to consider. Remember that RV roof vents are available in standard sizes, at least in most cases. This, therefore, means that vent covers are available in a variety of sizes to match the vent sizes. If you’re looking for a replacement cover, you can either take the vent measurements from both inside and outside your rig, or you can simply take the measurements of the current or earlier cover if it happens to still be in good shape. In addition to the size, you will also need to capture the idea of the RV roof vent shape to finding a cover that will fit well. Most standard vents are square or rectangular in shape, with dimensions of 14 X 14 inches or 13 X 4 inches as examples among many other combinations.

Smoked Versus White Cover

The other consideration will require you do decide between a white or a smoked roof vent cover. As a matter of fact, these descriptions are based on their colors. Basically, a smoked cover can be best for you if you are looking for an option that will allow the maximum amount of light through into you camper as compared to the white variant.

Connection Accessories

The other important factor to consider is the connection accessories. In essence, you will be required to ensure that the cover you choose has a hinge that is similar to the one on your earlier cover, or that it will be compatible with your Roof vent. You will also want to factor in other considerations, such as whether or not your pop up camper roof vent has a fan.

Material and Design

The material or cover fabric is also another factor you will have to look at. This is basically because different materials have different properties and not all have the same level of flexibility, ease of use, durability and maintenance requirements. In terms of materials, some Pop Up Camper Roof Vent Covers are made of UV-treated and stabilized resins and fabrics such as polyester and polypropylene. Some come with louvers that are removable for easy cleaning; whereas other types are flexible enough to be installed over existing covers.

In addition to these, you will also need to consider other factors such as brand reputation, price, and warranty, so do your homework well. To help you start off, below are a few product recommendations you can check out reviews for.

Pop Up Camper Roof Vent Covers – Recommendations

1: Fan-Tastic Ultra Breeze Vent Cover (White)

• Buy From: campingworld.com
• Price: $50.00
• Link: https://is.gd/zwVjLf

2: Vent Cover for Ventline Old Style Rounded Dome Trailer Roof Vents – White

• Buy From: etrailer.com
• Price: $14.99
• Link: https://is.gd/BzvM6I


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