Portable Outdoor Showers

Portable Outdoor Showers: The Various Available Options

Whether you are camping in an RV campground or you’re out for adventures individually, you will definitely have to think about a shower place that offers the standards of a regular home shower or at least something close to that. Some campgrounds do provide bathroom or shower facilities but not everyone may be willing to share shower places with other people. Thanks to the advancements in the RV parts market, there are various options of  portable outdoor showers to choose from, based on your requirements.

Based on factors such as privacy, cleanliness, convenience, and quality, some of these options are better than others. Just like with any other RV parts and accessories, prices for pop up camper shower units differ depending on types, brand, model, and other factors such as the features the unit comes with. Below are some things you should know about the available portable outdoor shower options before buying, just so you approach the purchase with an educated mind to make a un-regrettable decision.

1. Built-in Exterior Shower units

Outdoor built in shower units are one of the most common options used in pop up campers. As a matter of fact, they are availed by RV vendors as standard or optional equipment that you can pick or leave during your camper trailer purchase. In most cases, the pop-up camper contains an exterior compartment, which houses a shower head, a faucet, and some temperature controls for hot water. Some campers come with a switch for the water pump to increase convenience and eliminate the need to go inside when you need to turn out the exterior shower. However, exterior built-in units may not be the best in terms of shower privacy and can also be quite uncomfortable during the cold winter months. You also have the option to enjoy your bath in your swimsuit when the weather is warmer.

2. Portable Exterior Shower Units

This is another shower unit option that many popup camper owners have used or at least seen. Just like the name suggests, these are shower units that are portable and provide the convenience of being suitable for use anywhere. However, most RVers like using portable showers as extensions of the rig. In other words, the unit can be attached to the exterior walls of your popup camper. It can also be hung from a tree branch or a solid object, provided there is a hose supplying water, preferably hot water from your RV water heater. Even though they may not be the best in terms of privacy, you can easily increase your privacy levels by adding a shower curtain. You can also purchase a portable free-standing shower shelter unit and enjoy higher privacy levels from your RV shower.

Portable Outdoor Showers: Factors

The above two options are the main available options for camper showers. However, some popups come with indoor shower units commonly referred to as wet bathrooms. When choosing an outdoor unit, below are some important factors to consider upon choosing between built-in and portable pop up camper exterior shower units.


As severally mentioned in the descriptions above you will want to consider your privacy requirements depending on the area you are camping at, as well as the people in the surrounding area. Different types of shower units have different privacy levels, some allowing the inclusions of add-ons such as privacy curtains.

Convenience Features:

As easier stated, some exterior shower units come with buttons and switches for turning the shower on and off from the outdoors, as well as switches for temperature regulations. Some come with long extension hoses that allow you to conveniently draw heated water from your RV from a distance.


Depending on your budget, there’s a wide variety of options to consider. Prices will differ depending on factors such as brand, features available, quality, and type of shower unit. It is important to do your homework well before buying since different sources may avail their products at different prices. Shop for discounts and make use of deals and coupons to save.

Quality and Brand Reputation:

Of course, you do not want to buy a product that will start wearing off or revealing faults after only a short period of use. Consider the quality of the shower units, including the materials use on faucets, showerheads, and temperatures accessories.

Portable Outdoor Showers – Recommendations

1: 30″ Outdoor Exterior Removable Shower Curtain Rod

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2: Camp Chef Triton Outdoor Shower

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3: Extend-A-Shower Expanding Shower Rod – White Finish

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