Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaners For Convenient Camper Cleaning

Portable handheld vacuum cleaners do provide some highly sought portable convenience making them ideal for quick cleaning around the home. They usually make an ideal addition to the regular vacuum machines and can be kept and taken almost anywhere. When choosing the most ideal unit, it is important to note that they are generally available in cordless and corded models with a wide array of options. In this regard, it is important to consider the exact environment which you are going to use the unit. Keep in mind that areas with colder temperatures, heavy debris or fewer power outlets have very unique requirements. You should also take into consideration the type of spills, the surfaces as well as the frequency of use.


Corded portable vacuum cleaners AC power and must be plugged in to a source while vacuuming. These are best used indoors where cables are available or used for relatively long tasks or jobs such as cleaning of several rooms or staircases. Even though they have the distinct advantage of continuous operation, they tend to be less portable than the rechargeable vacuums. It is also important to mention that the cord length can also limit the users reach. They are however amongst the most powerful and reliable units on the market since they don’t lack any form of battery limitation. Most of these units come fitted with a motorized brush that’s ideal for cleaning of stubborn debris.


The cordless handheld vacuums usually come fitted with powerful rechargeable batteries and are ideal for spaces or spots where there are no outlets or in areas where dragging a cable wont be practical. They are ideal for traveling and cleaning spots that are away from the house. These units tend to use a significant amount of power and thus need frequent recharging and are therefore not ideal for whole house cleaning. Even though the average run time of the unit does depend on the battery and unit power, most don’t last an hour of continuous use. When you are considering this type of vacuum cleaner, it is important to look at how easy it is for you to charge the battery. make a point of having a wall charger since they are ideal for storing the unit as you keep it charged constantly. It is worth mentioning though that with some units, you will have to remove the battery for charging. Most units do have an indicator that warns the user when the charge is low or when it is fully charged.


Wet handheld vacuums can easily and safely clean any form of spills (wet) on a wide variety of surfaces. These units tend to be the most versatile when it comes to handling both wet or dry messes on any surface. Most of these models are cordless even though there are also corded versions. It is also worth mentioning that there are also handheld units that are specifically designed for use on vehicle upholstery. They are usually small, lightweight and are often sold with a 12 volt charger to allow its use when the engine has been switched on. Such units are also ideal for use indoors, especially so for cleaning stairs and household upholstery.

Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaners – Recommendations

Here are some of the popular portable handheld vacuum cleaners readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Flip out Lithium Powered Vacuum

Price: $ 49.99

URL: https://is.gd/FEaKMi

2) Product Name: Accucharge 15.6V Bagless Vacuum

Price: $ 69.99

URL: https://is.gd/LklCXj

3) Product Name: Classic 7 Amp Bagless Handheld Vacuum

Price: $ 59.99

URL: https://is.gd/wPchNF

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