Pop Up Camper Water Heater Parts

Pop Up Camper Water Heater Parts Needed For Common Issues

Water heaters are essential appliances in camper trailers and other RV types alike. They provide you with the comfort and convenience of enjoying the heated water for your baths and other personal uses. However, there are situations where the unit may fail to function properly, thereby requiring repairs and replacements of some parts. There are many different pop-up camper water heater parts available as replacement units from online stores and retail joints. Below are some reasons you may require replacing some components, accessories or parts of your RV water heater that becomes inefficient or dysfunctional.

There are some common water heater problems often experienced by pop-up camper owners from time to time. Depending on the magnitude of the problem, troubleshooting and fixing may involve as little as cleaning a particular part or replacing it altogether. Here are some o these common problems and the most likely parts to require replacement once the problem is recognized by a professional.

Pilot Outage

A Pilot outage is the problem detected when the pilot light of your RV water heater goes out. In most cases, improper venting is found to be the main culprit behind this problem. depending on whether you follow some DYI water heater troubleshooting tips or you call a professional to have a look at your water heating unit, the most likely to require replacement include the thermocouple or gas control magnet.

No Sparks on Electrodes

Water heaters do have anodes and cathodes, which are together referred to as the electrodes. This is basically where the electric current gets into the unit. If your water heater electrode is not functioning as it should, sparking the electrodes can be a resourceful troubleshooting tip. If not sparks are produced on the electrodes, it is highly likely that the circuit board could be defective and you may be required to purchase a new unit. However, at times the electrodes could just be dirty and therefore won’t spark.

The Gas Burner Won’t Ignite

Gas fueled hot water heaters are equipped with a gas burner. In most cases, a gas burner that fails to ignite could be an indication that the circuit board, electrode, or solenoid valve could be defective. The damaged part among these would require a replacement unit.

Heater Is Producing Insufficient Hot Water

Establishing the main cause of this problem requires a professional approach since there are many possible culprits behind this. However, some camper water heaters may require an expansion tank to solve this problem.

Water Heater Sooting Problem

It is not very uncommon to find an RV water heater sooting. This is mainly caused by obstructions in the main burner, the U-tube, or the exhaust grille. Unblocking this obstruction could easily fix the problem. Experts also advise, that adjusting the burner alignment, the valve, and the flame spreader could prevent such a problem from occurring in future. However, your gas supply unit could be the main cause of the problem and may require being replaced.

Ignition Failure or Irregular Ignition

In water heater models such as Atwood, ignitions failures may be experienced sat some point. In this case, the problem can be traced back to the electrode insulation or a fluctuation thermostat. To address the problem, one or both of these water heater parts require being replaced to restore the unit’s normal function. Any lose ground wires on the electrodes as well as the gas valve should also be tightened in addition to making the replacements.

Other commonly purchased camper parts during water heater repair and troubleshooting include gas controls, heater doors, switches, pilot assemblies, anode rods, relief valves, access doors, and burner tubes, among many others.

Choosing RV Water Heater Parts

If you are not a qualified water heater technician yourself, the best advice is to seek professional help whenever your RV water heating unit has a problem. This is because you can easily injure yourself or risk rendering the whole unit useless if you approach the DYI repair inappropriately. When shopping for pop up camper water heater parts, it is important to approach the vendor with specifics on the type, brand, and model of your water heater, as well as specifics on the particular part you are looking for.

Pop Up Camper Water Heater Parts – Recommendations

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