Pop Up Camper Stoves

Pop Up Camper Stoves: Portable Cooking Options

Pop up campers are relatively unique compared to other recreational vehicles. But whereas fifth wheels and travel trailers must have refrigerators and stoves, it’s common for a cheap pop up camper to operate on naked bones, i.e. without all the fancy bells and whistles that come with costly RVs. In fact, smaller pop up campers may lack an oven, let alone a stove.

So where exactly does this leave you as far as preparing food is concerned? Well, the good thing is that you still have a few options where pop up camper stoves are involved.

Let’s start by defining the term ”camping stoves”. The fact is, the term ”stove” is used to refer to enclosed spaces used for cooking purposes. On the other hand, residential cooking spaces combine an oven with a range top. Similar devices can also be found in RVs. But the phrase ”camping stove” doesn’t refer to an oven whatsoever.

Instead, camping stove refers to a portable or permanently installed device used for cooking purposes. Unlike an oven or an enclosed space used like an oven, cooking stoves are open and allow for cooking using a range or pans and other devices.

Some of these kitchen appliances use propane, others use butane or even wood. Although some recreational vehicles come with camping stove combos that have in-built ovens, some of these units come without an oven.

Portable camping stoves

Due to space constraints or other cost-cutting measures, some pop up camper units exclude stoves or ovens. In such a case, you can use portable camping stoves which can be set up on a countertop or used outside on a picnic table.

Some pop up campers will actually have propane connection built under the kitchenette area. In such a case, your job is to connect your portable stove and it will be ready for use.

It is common to find these stoves being sold by manufacturers who make other camping gear as well. These stoves vary in number of burners, burner styles, fuel type and other features. This makes it easier to find a stove unit that’s ideal for your camping needs.

For instance, if you camp on your own or with a few people, a single portable stove with one burner can serve your needs well. On the other hand, those who camp in groups will need a heavy-duty stoves with multiple burners.

Pop up camper stoves – Recommendations

Coleman PerfectFlow One burner stove (http://is.gd/quNfdz)

This is an excellent example of a camping stove that has a single burner and is as simple as it can get. It consists of a regulator, a spot shield, a single burner and a base. 3/4 of the stove’s body is made of the propane tank itself.

In order to use this stove, you’ll need to place the 16.4 ounce bottle of propane below the burner or regulator. Even though a single burner won’t be convenient for people cooking multiple things at the same time, the 10,000 BTU burner will accommodate large pots as well as pans, so large food quantities can be cooked at once.

When set to the lowest rate of propane consumption, the 16.4 ounce propane tank will last 9 hours of continuous use. On the higher side, it can last 2 hours. Keep in mind that it can also boil a quart of water in just 4 minutes. So this stove is just sufficient enough for cooking small meals. The cost of this stove is $23.

Coleman 2 burner stove (http://is.gd/q4qNAF)

This is the next step up after the PerfectFlow single burner stove. It’s relatively large in terms of size, though you can also fold it so it can fit whatever space you want to store it in. It has fold-down sides which provide extra protection that isn’t available on the PerfectFlow model.

The stove has two 10,000 BTU burner, of which you can control independently. The Coleman 2 burner stove uses the same 16.4 ounce propane tank that the PerfectFlow uses.

You need to invest in additional hardware for you to use this stove. The price of this stove is $40.

Alternatively, you could use wood burning stoves which function the same as propane-powered stoves. Wood stoves come with chimneys for venting out the smoke. If you like, you can also use this cooking stove as a tent heater. Those are the options available.

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