Pop Up Camper Storage Covers

Pop Up Camper Storage Covers: Safeguard Your Tent Trailer

When you own a pop up camper, you’ll need to temporarily put it away. This may be attributed to seasonal, employment or other changes. But whether you decide to park it on a home driveway or a designated storage utility, you’ll need to invest in pop up camper storage covers.

A recreational vehicle sitting on a side yard or a home driveway is subject to the best that mother nature can offer, so it only deserves the toughest that recreational vehicle covers withstand.

If you take chances, this can be a good recipe for wear and tear, not to forget the effects of such climatic factors on the exterior aesthetics. Damage from UV rays is perhaps the biggest threat that pop up campers face. In fact, UV rays will damage everything that’s on their path, and so it goes beyond just fading colors. This can lead to very costly repairs which every recreational vehicle owner is not ready to meet.

Protecting the paintwork of the pop up camper

The paint on your pop up camper enhances and preserves its appearance. What’s more, that paint acts like a protective barrier which keeps metallic and plastic pieces from breaking away. When this paint is not protected, it immediately starts to fade/detach itself from the pop up camper, thus exposing the underlying pieces of the construction.

Again, the paint is not the only subject of harsh exposure. Instead, RV components made of gel-coated fiberglass can form oxide when left in the cold outside. This will make them look dull and chalky. This will definitely affect your recreational vehicle’s resale value. But since a recreational vehicle like a pop up camper is an investment, you should never give chances for such damage to occur.

You see, the first thing that a potential recreational vehicle buyer does is to check the overall condition of the pop up camper. With a pleasant exterior, they will be encouraged to check out the interior too. You don’t want them to spot faded decals, sun-damaged roofs and other problems because it will immediately bring down your pop up camper’s price.

Again, the sun is not the only culprit that causes damage on your recreational vehicle. Tree sap is also another problem because it stains and erodes the finish. However, if your pop up camper is protected with a special cover, you can avoid the potential damage caused by acid rain or bird droppings. This helps with keeping the unit clean at all time. Even if you clean it, you will spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your investment.

Purchasing the best cover

But now that we’ve established why these covers are important, it’s time to conduct some research to find out about the best covers in the market. And since you’re protecting your investment, it’s not a wise decision to get the cheapest cover from a warehouse store near you. Therefore, if you’re going for a pop up camper, you should get a brand as opposed to just a product.

There has been an inflated rate of imported RV covers promising owners lifetime warranty. But the truth is, there is no such thing as a lifetime warranty on an RV cover.

Generally, these covers are made of polyester or polypropylene fabric. These materials are layered properly to add more protection especially on the roof of the pop up camper. The covers are treated with UV or water repellent solutions so they can last longer. The material must also be able to naturally drain water and moisture so mold and mildew doesn’t accumulate inside the cover.

Pop Up Camper Storage Covers – 3 Types

There are 3 types of covers for your pop up camper. These include universal covers, custom covers and the more expensive options. Of course the best protection comes at a price. Custom covers, on the other end, tend to billow less in windy conditions. Lastly, the universal option is just meant for all-purpose covering.

Pop Up Camper Storage Covers – Recommendations

1) ADCO 22893 Gray Tyvek Tent Trailer Cover (http://is.gd/Pi9ftD)

This is the most durable, all-climate pop up camper cover that sells at $86 only. It’s highly breathable and UV-resistant.

2) ADCO 34858 Designer Series Gray/White Trailer Cover (http://is.gd/usi042)

This breathable, easy-to-install RV cover is suitable for all types of recreational vehicles. It has all the basic features that premium-quality covers have. The price is $328.

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