Pop Up Camper Sinks: Replacement Shopping Tips

Pop up camper sinks come in many different styles, colors, sizes and materials.

Because of this, finding a beautiful yet functional sink can be quite a challenge.

Whether you are shopping for a sink for your bathroom, kitchen or any other room in the camper, there are certain important factors you need to take into consideration.

Sink Size

The first thing you need to do is to choose the most appropriate sink size.

The standard kitchen sink is 22 by 30 inches with bowls that are about 8 inches deep.

However, depending on how you cook and the size of the camper, you can opt for smaller or deeper sinks.

In the event that you are replacing an existing sink and maybe want to reuse the faucet, you should take into consideration the number of holes.

Generally, kitchen sinks have 4 holes which are used for mounting faucets, sprayers and handles; however there are those that combine all these into a single hole and you should therefore confirm the setting of the sink.

Sink Material

You should also decide on the sink material that you prefer.

Some of the common materials include stainless steel, composite sinks, enamel or porcelain over cast iron sinks, soapstone sinks, fiberglass and plastic as well.

When choosing the material, you should check on factors such as weight, ease of maintenance, ease of installation as well as durability.

If you are replacing a sink, it is always recommended that you replace with a similar sink so as to avoid any hitches or sudden surprises.


In addition to the above, it is also important to consider how the sink will be mounted.

Some of the most popular include under-mount and self rimming sinks.

The easiest units to install are the self-rimming even though they are a tad difficult to clean since dirt does collect at the seams.

On the other hand, the easiest units to clean and maintain are the under-mount sinks.

Pop Up Camper Sinks – Recommendations

Here are some of the more popular pop up camper sinks readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Corner Lavatory, White 14” by 14”

URL: https://is.gd/5AYg2k

2) Plastic RV Bowl

URL: https://is.gd/9NBChe

3) Oval RV Sink

URL: https://is.gd/F3MUZa

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are there Specialty Kitchen sinks for campers?

Yes. There are several specialty kitchen sinks such as bar sinks, antique sinks and decorative sinks which one can opt to install.

However, it is worth mentioning that some of the options available are quite heavy and bulky.

2) Which is the best sink material for your camper?

Weight of your sink is usually a big issue for many camper sinks. In this regard, light sinks are quite popular.

Apart from plastic, stainless steel and fiberglass sinks, acrylic capped sinks are very popular since they handle scratches and stains better than plastic and are relatively light as well.

3) How do you maintain camper sinks?

Even though maintenance is purely dependent on the sink material, there are certain universal measures that one should undertake so as to ensure that the sink lasts longer.

You should always avoid using abrasive cleaners or even allow soil, sand or dirt to be rubbed on the sink surface.