Pop Up Camper Rims

Pop Up Camper Rims: Replacement Shopping Options

When it comes to replacing the rims or wheels on a pop up camper, there are lots of things one must consider in addition to the overall look of the rim. Generally, the size of pop up camper rims directly affect how the vehicle performs when it is driven or pulled.


One of the most important things worth considering is the material used to make the rim. While some materials are lightweight, there are those which are suited for heavy duty use. While alloy rims are light, they are not ideal for rugged terrain as they are prone to cracking and breaking.

Steel wheels give the camper a lower center of gravity are heavy and also quite durable. They are ideal for rugged terrain and snow as well. Due to its weight, this type of rim does offer less speed. Wire or spoke rims are extremely light and also give the pop up camper adequate support with the spokes adding some aesthetic appeal. They are difficult to maintain though than other wheel types. Aluminum is also a good material that’s preferred by many people due to its durability.


It is therefore very important to determine the primary terrain that the vehicle will be traversing the most. Keep in mind that heavy duty rims are ideal for highway travel since they can affect handling, reduce speed and also affect the fuel economy of the unit.


Apart from the material, it is also important to get the size right. Rims that are too small or too large can damage some components of the unit such as computer components, timing of transmission and braking system. Rims that are too heavy can also increase the rate of tire wear. It is therefore very important to take the correct measurements when looking for rim.


Some of the key measurements you need to consider is the width. You do this by measuring how wide the wheel is from the left edge to the right edge. You should also measure the diameters; this is basically how tall the wheel stands from top to bottom. The bolt pattern on the other hand refers to how many bolts are used on the wheel. Other measurements that you need to consider include offset and backspace. In addition, you should always consider the size of the wheels currently on the trailer, this is especially so is especially so if you are sticking with the same size of tires. In this reading 185/70 R 13; the wheel size is the set of numbers that follows the R and is normally measured in inches.

Pop Up Camper Rims – Recommendations

Here are some of the popular pop up camper rims readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Loadstar 175/80 D13 Bias Trailer Tire White Rim -4 on 4 Load Range C

Price: $ 89.95

URL: https://is.gd/2oBtLj

Details: this price tag does include tires and rims, with a Bias ply tire. The unit does come with a 13 inch 8 spoke wheel on a 4 on 4 inch piece. The KENDA brand is well known the world over for its durability and reliability. Made of steel and having a powder coat finish, the rim can easily compliment the overall look of any pop up camper.

2) Product Name: 12 by 4 Aluminum Star LT trailer 4 on 4 Lug

Price: $ 71.00

URL: https://is.gd/Hsz6B9

Details: these tires have been rigorously tested so as to ensure that they not only meet but surpass DOT standards. With a load rating of 1,220lb, these wheels are ideal for many top up campers and measure 12 by 4 inches with a 4 on 4 inches bolt pattern.

3) Product Name: 13 by 5.5 Trailer Rim Black Machined 5 by 4.5 Lug pattern.

Price: $87.09

URL: https://is.gd/HRtt88

Details: these are durable wheels with a load rating of 1,660lb and a bolt pattern of 13 by 5.5 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is bolt pattern?

Bolt circle or bolt pattern is the diameter of an imaginary circle that’s formed by the centers of the wheel lugs. This is usually done using a bolt pattern gauge. This is a specialty tool that’s not readily available in most stores.

2) Which are the best wheels for snow?

Generally, many people who live in harsh terrains such as heavy snow spots tend to prefer steel rims. However, you can also opt to use alloy wheels even though they will require proper maintenance since there may be some finish damage. Aluminum is also a good material for harsh terrain.

3) Can 13 Inch Trailer Tires be used on 14 Inch Wheels?

Yes. It is possible to switch your wheels, but you must make sure you take the correct measurements. It is worth mentioning that you will also be forced to change the tires as well since 14 inch wheels require size 14 tires as well.

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