Pop Up Camper Range Hoods

Pop Up Camper Range Hoods: Should You Own One?

Camping is an activity appreciated and loved by many enthusiasts of adventure in the wild or road trip lovers, some of who own RV and travel trailers. If you fit into this category and you own a pop-up camper, one of the important appliances to think about is a range hood as far as your nutrition when camping is concerned. What is it, how does it work, and why should you own one? Are there specific models for camping or pop up camper range hoods? How do you choose a good one? Here are some important pointers that you need to know for your inspiration.

What Are Pop Up Camper Range Hoods?

Simply put, a range hood is an air purifier or fan that is enclosed in a structure that looks like a canopy and installed above ranges or cooking appliances such as gas stoves, ranges, of cooktops. Sometimes they are referred to as extractor hoods, ventilation hoods, exhaust plumes, kitchen extractors, or kitchen hoods. Speaking from a camping perspective, they make campers more comfortable and habitable. In several ways as revealed in the benefits section below. So why should you own a range hood for your pop-up camper and have it installed?

What Are The General Benefits Of Range Hoods?

A range hood can be beneficial in various ways for your pop up camper. First and foremost, there are times when you would want to keep warm and prepare meals indoors (in your camper). A range hood helps purify the air by getting rid of steam, vapors, odors and smokes coming from the food or fire, depending on the cooking appliance you are using or the heat source to be particular. It also helps eliminate excess heat produced from the process of cooking. The temperature in your camper remains cooler and healthier. Thirdly, some or most range hoods come provide some sort of extra lighting for your camp, allowing you to see clearer when cooking or even doing other tasks inside your camper. In short, it makes your camper more hospitable and comfortable to be in, thereby increasing excitement in your road trip adventure or camping tour.

How Do I Choose the Right Range Hood?

Understanding the importance of a range hood for your camping experience is one thing, but choosing the right one when out there shopping is completely another. The best range hood should work efficiently, for convenience and comfort in your pop up camper. Here are some of the things to consider when buying a range hood for your pop up camper.

Type and Air Clarity:

Of course the major purpose of range hoods is to clean the air in circulation indoors. Most range hoods are it either ducted, vented or convertible between the two. The ducted type allows air circulation after it filters it. Either way, the appliances should be functional and efficient to get rid of odors, smoke, heat, and vapors if any from your pop up camper.


If you want to benefit more from the air filter appliances in your road trip camping experience, go for one that comes with extra lighting. It can come in handy when extra light is needed.

Range Hood Power:

The other important factor is the power, strength or performance. This is normally measured in terms of cubic feet per meter (CFM). A higher CFM range may be required if you do some cooking in your pop – up camper, especially with appliances such as gas stoves or cooktops. However, remember that you would also need to consider the source of power for your range hood.

Size Matters:

Depending on the type of camping or RV cooktop appliance you are using, you will encounter different sizes of range hoods. Whichever brand or model you go for, the size has to fit or match with the cooking appliance you intend to use in your pop-up camper. Remember that weight also has an impact, especially on portability and mobility if you are an RV road trip traveler or mobile homeowner.

Noise Level:

As much as you want a highly functional range hood, you don’t want a device that causes intolerable noise levels in your camping experience. In most cases, more powerful, high-performance hoods are relatively louder. The brand and models may also have an impact on noise levels.

What Are The Main Types Of Range Hoods?

Range hood types are categorized in terms of installation. They can be ductless, ducted, or convertible. There are three main types according to mounting. These include the following:

• Wall Mount

Wall mounted and also referred to as chimney style range hoods. However, these may not be suitable for a pop-up camper.

• Island Mount

These are mounted or attached to the ceiling above the source of heat, fumes, steam.

• Under Cabinet

These are small, portable, and may perhaps be the most suitable pop up camper range hoods.

Pop Up Camper Range Hoods – Recommendations

1) Product 1: 30-Inch Broan Non-Ducted Stainless Steel Under-Cabinet Range Hood
Buy at: Amazon – https://is.gd/MpXeXE
Price: $72.99

2) Product 2: Camec Range Hood 12V, 2-Speed with LED Down Lights
Buy at: Camec – https://camec.com/camec-rangehood-12v-2-speed.html
Price: $229.00

3) Product 3: Ventline S0721S RV 12V Range Hood w/ Light Fan
Buy at: Etrailer.Com – https://www.etrailer.com/RV-Vents-and-Fans/Ventline/S0721-20GC-F-1.html
Price: $104.95

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