Pop Up Camper Mattress Toppers

Pop Up Camper Mattress Toppers: Extend Your Mattress Life

Mattress toppers add you the benefit of sleeping comfortably in your pop up camper without having to invest in a modern mattress. They simply sit on top of your current mattress so you can lie on them, hence the name mattress toppers. Pop up camper mattress toppers are also waterproof in nature, thanks to the outer shell which makes it difficult for water to penetrate their fabric, thus your sleeping area is safeguarded from accidental spills at night.

Even if you find out that the mattress topper you bought lacks waterproofing capabilities, you’ll still realize that it is designed to act as a barrier between you and the underlying mattress, thus soaking up fluids before they ever reach the mattress.

Again, it’s quite easier to remove and clean the topper rather than cleaning the whole mattress. Generally, toppers will bring comfort to the bed since they are designed with several types of soft filling. Mattress toppers are ideal for campers who carry older mattress because they don’t see the need of investing in a new mattress specifically made for camping.

Currently, mattress toppers come in a range of styles and materials to suit users. Prices also vary greatly depending on the material used to construct the topper in question.

Pop Up Camper Mattress Toppers – Materials

Texture and form will vary, and this is what contributes to the various levels of comfort. Toppers can be made to make an existing mattress softer, while others can be designed to make a mattress feel firmer. The choice of material to go for is a personal decision since every sleeper is unique in terms of their requirements. For example, they might have allergies that don’t allow them to use some materials as opposed to others.

If you’re camping with an entire family, it means you’ll be tagging along the kids too. Mattress toppers with waterproofing capabilities would serve you well for this purpose.

Even though mattress toppers come in a wide variety of materials, the most common materials used are memory foam, down feather, wool, or a special foam material usually referred to as egg crate.

Every material used in the designing process offers unique benefits to the sleeper. For instance, if you’re suffering from joint problems, you’d find firm mattress toppers ideal. On the other hand, if you’re finding it hard to sleep on a worn out mattress, you may find soft mattress toppers more comfortable.

(a) Memory foam mattress toppers

Not everyone can afford the kind of luxury that memory foam mattresses give. However, most people can afford to buy mattress toppers made of memory foam. This material is body-conforming, and reduces the sensitivity of a sleeping partner when moving from one part of the bed to the other. Memory foam mattress toppers are recommended for campers who may be suffering from joint or muscle pain.

(b) Wool mattress topper

This material tends to be softer and less itchy since it’s designed with natural elements rather than synthetic ones. This also means they are less likely to invoke allergies in people who are highly sensitive. Wool mattress toppers are also resistant to pest such as mites, bugs and many more — a nice addition especially if you go camping in an area infested by these pests.

Wool mattress toppers are durable and easy to maintain, so you shouldn’t encounter any serious problem when you buy them.

(c) Down feather mattress toppers

These are made from feathers extracted from ducts, geese or other birds. They tend to be firmer, hence ideal for people suffering from muscle and joint pain. They also transfer less movements at night, thus making it easier for couples to sleep comfortably at night.

(d) Egg crates mattress toppers

They’ve been around for some time now, and are relatively less costly. They’re comfortable and firm, thus providing a less stressful sleep experience for the camper. The best thing about them is that they are thin, thus easy to roll up. This contributes to their portability, hence they are the most recommended choice for campers.

Pop Up Camper Mattress Toppers – Recommendations

Sleep better peaceful dreams foam mattress topper which costs $24 only. This model has been zoned into 5 segments for good body support. A warranty is also given: http://is.gd/x8GjDf.

Alternatively, you could go for the $70-worth Sleep Joy 2” ViscO2 ventilated memory foam mattress topper. It’s breathable because of the ventilation that creates a healthier, hygienic environment for sleeping. It also offers comfort and pressure-relief for a good night’s sleep. Check it out here: http://is.gd/AqOkok.

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