Pop Up Camper Mattress Covers

Pop Up Camper Mattress Covers: Much Needed Protection For Your Mattress

Pop Up Camper mattress covers are often overlooked when buying bedding items. People never realize just how valuable they can be when it comes to protecting mattresses from stains and normal wear and tear. They also shield bedding from pests like termite, bugs, dust mites, and other unpleasant insects. In addition to this, mattress covers offer extra support as well as padding. However, with so many mattress protectors to choose from, it can be a daunting task looking for a good cover that will fit your mattress requirements.

The very first thing to consider when purchasing a mattress cover is the material its made of. Also, your needs influence your choice in getting the correct mattress cover.

Some mattress covers are well-designed to offer protection against dust mites and other pests. However, other types of mattress covers only offer protection against spills. But in general, most of these covers offer all-round protection as well as comfort.

To get the best deals in mattress covers, you should take advantage of online auction sites, local stores, or a dedicated bedding store.

About Pop Up Camper Mattress Covers

Covers designed to protect a mattress will literally cover the entire mattress while offering an extra layer of comfort and protection for the person sleeping on it. These covers can be made of different materials with varying thicknesses. Whereas covers provide the most protection on the mattress, they also suit those who suffer from allergens, or those who live in areas prone to pests like dust mite and so forth.

There are 3 types of mattress covers you can buy

(a) Fitted

Fitted mattress covers will slide over the corners and edges to cover the entire mattress. They look like a typical fitted sheet.

(b) Elastic strap

Elastic straps will fit on the 4 corners of your bed. They are simple yet effective in delivering added protection and comfort.

(c) Zippered

This kind of protection will cover the mattress completely, hence acting like a protective glove covering the entire mattress as it is.

The type you go for will depend on your needs and conditions under which you sleep in. For instance, the elastic option doesn’t offer protection against bed bugs and dust mites. However, it can keep that mattress clean. On the other hand, zippered covers offer complete protection against all these elements.

Reasons why you might want to buy a mattress cover for your pop up camper

If you use a fitted sheet on your mattress, you might not think that mattress covers are necessary. However, camping out in the woods also come with challenges. There’s a high likelihood that pests will be present in the woods, and won’t hesitate to attack your camper’s sleeping area when the vehicle stays parked for longer periods.

Other than protecting your mattress, these covers make your mattress look and feel dry and clean. They also offer comfort while prolonging the lifespan of the mattress in question.

What you should be looking for in a mattress cover for your camping needs

The main feature to consider is the size of the mattress cover. If it doesn’t fit well, it will beat the purpose for which it was bought in the first place. You might also not be allowed to return it back.

Common sizes available are King, California King, Twin, Queen full, Twin XL and crib size
. So just buy a size that fits the size of your camper mattress.

Hypoallergenic covers are ideal for people who suffer from some sort of allergy. So if you or any of your family members you’ll be sharing the camper with is highly sensitive to some bedding materials, you’d need to invest in hypoallergenic covers.

Thread count determines the degree of comfort that the mattress cover offers. The more the thread count, the higher the level of comfort the mattress cover offers to the sleeper.

Pore size measures the size of pores in the fabric. The smaller the pores, the better the protection it offers against spillage. The best mattress covers are 8 microns or less.

Lastly, breath-ability is also a factor to consider. The more breathable the cover is, the cooler the mattress becomes, and this adds more comfort when sleeping on it.

Pop Up Camper Mattress Covers – Recommendations

Check out the Pinzon Basics Overfilled Ultra Soft mattress cover (http://is.gd/17ri0z) which costs $56 when sourced from Amazon. It’s a premium mattress cover that will suit your needs since it comes with premium features.

Alternatively, you can also go for a cheaper option which costs $14 only. The Bedsack Classic Mattress cover (http://is.gd/W6NLbk) falls in this category and is a good investment for campers.

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