Pop Up Camper Lift Cables

Pop Up Camper Lift Cables: A Replacement Guide

In most models of pop up campers, the roof has to be lifted, “popped up” or raised before the vehicle can be used. This is done using a lifting system composed of winches, cables, springs, and pulleys. However, there are different types of camper lifting systems depending on the brand and model, even though the earlier versions are basically lifted using a simple system composed of a cable and a winch. Newer models utilize more sophisticated lift designs, hydraulic roof system being one of the most common among these. Either way, the cable is prominent in most designs available. This having been said, pop up camper lift cables are highly essential for any RVer, and thus, understanding how they work and how to replace a broken cable can be quite resourceful.

How Important are Pop Up Camper Lift Cables In Camper Lift Systems?

As mentioned earlier, most camper lift systems come with a winch, which is connected to a lift cable. There is also a system of pulleys, which transfers the force originating from the winch to elevate the pop-up camper roof. Standard winches also come with a clutch and brake system, which allows the user to control the movement and prevents the roof from pushing back against the lift mechanism. In essence, the process is practically impossible without a reliable lift cable, since it serves as the media through which the lifting force is transmitted throughout the system with the help of the pulleys.

Lift Cable Maintenance Precautions

In its construction, the cable is made from a high-quality stranded material that is similar to the one used in aircraft. Even though the unit does not require too much in terms of maintenance, it is important that you regularly conduct checks to detect for damages such as fraying strands, preferably seasonally. This helps prevent the risks that may be involved in case the cable goes broken during the lifting process. This is important for both manual and automated camper lifting systems. In automated systems, the operator’s effort is not required.

Common Types of Camper Lifting Systems and Their Cables

There are three main types of camper lift systems commonly seen in most pop up campers. These include the Goshen Lift, Coleman Lift system, and the Jayco Lift systems. These three styles differ in terms of operation and cable connection as follows.

Goshen Lift Systems:

In the Goshen lift system, the cable originates from the winch and connects to a system of pulleys, which are centrally located underneath the pop-up camper. There is also a tube running from a distribution case to each of the four corners of the RV. Each of these tubes houses a spring, which is compressed once the winch is cranked. It is this compression force that actually lifts that camper’s roof as a system of telescoping poles is pushed upwards.

Jayco Lift Systems:

The lift cable in Jayco lift systems is connected in a similar manner to the one in Goshen lift. As a matter of fact, these two system setups reassemble one another, only that in Jayco systems, the springs are substituted by pushrods.

Coleman Lift Systems:

The Coleman camper lift system is a bit different from the above two. Here, the winch attaches to a powerful chain whose main function is to drive a threaded screw. This screw exerts pressure to a distribution block that connects to the telescoping poles on the RV corner edges via the lift cable.

Replacing Your Camper’s Lift Cables

When any form of damage is detected on camper lift cables, they should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid vehicle damage and possible injuries. The first and most important factor to consider when choosing replacement cables is the type of lift system used by your camper. Other factors to consider include the vendor reputation, pricing, and cable quality. Once you determine the right model for you, you will then have to make a choice on whether to replace the cable on your own or call a professional for the job. For obvious reasons, the second option is more advisable.

Pop Up Camper Lift Cables – Recommendations

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