Pop Up Camper Leveling

Pop Up Camper Leveling Systems And Other RV Levelers

For camping enthusiasts, chilling in your pop up camper is fun and gratifying. This is especially true if you have features such as an effective HVAC system, comfy furniture, and other features installed. However, there are plenty of other things most pop up camper owners forget to consider. For instance, most people tend to forget that the camper trailer should always be set up to the proper level, especially when not in motion. This is where pop up camper leveling units come into play. For one, the RV refrigerator needs to be on a level setup in order to function properly. A sloping orientation can make the camper feel uncomfortable in many other cases.

For instance, you may not enjoy your sleep at its best with your head sloping on a downward position. Some installations such as furniture and appliances may roll to one side, interfering with the internal arrangement of your camper trailer if it isn’t parked on a level ground. This is why there a number of different pop-up camper levelers are available in the market. Using such levelers, you can easily park at your desired spot without worrying about interfering with comfort and convenience of your camper setup and arrangement. This being the case, here are some things you should know about Pop Up Camper Leveling systems and how to choose the best option for your RV.

Planks and Leveling Blocks

In most cases, very few popup camper models come with factory-mounted leveling jacks. However, 2×6 planks are usually quite effective and allow the RVer to make small leveling adjustments required to attain a leveled set up. However, one should take precaution when using this kind of leveler to prevent the camper from rolling off. This is normally done by placing a block in front of the wheel that is not on the plank. Lucky enough, stackable planks and blocks kits are available in the market for RV owners. These can be stacked to the required height to establish a stable leveling system.

Other RV Leveling Systems

Leveling Stabilizer Jacks

Depending on the size and model of your pop-up camper there is also another type of leveling systems that you can choose from. However, most standard leveling jacks are designed for 5th wheel trailers and other midsized RVs. Most of them are equipped with stabilizer jacks that are attached at the corners of the recreational vehicle. To operate this type of leveler, you literally have to crank it down using your hands to have some of the RV’s weight applied to the jack. However, it is important not to confuse this type of jacks for the ones used to lift a vehicle during tire changing. These are designed for the sole purpose of leveling the RV out.

The other thing to note is that stabilizer jacks also require a lot of proper care and maintenance. Once not in use, you should retract the jacks completely to avoid them folding up and getting destroyed in case you accidentally pull away when the vehicle or camper is leveled. They should also be periodically greased and cleaned, ensuring that they are positioned not to hang so low on your RV to avoid collecting grit and dirt.

Hydraulic Leveling Systems

These are inbuilt leveling systems for RVs, mostly designed for motor homes. These are quite convenient, as you can level up the RV with just the push of a button located near the driver’s seat. Hydraulic leveler systems are more powerful as compared to manual screw jacks and can also be used in situations like changing a tire. Due to the immense strength of these systems, one can easily raise the entire RV from off the ground. However, lifting a complete side or one end of the RV is recommended when using hydraulic leveling systems to avoid the possible damage. Using this type of leveling system on soft or wet dirt is also not advisable since the jack may sink into the ground, creating, even more, problems.

However, the planks and blocks are considered the best Pop Up Camper Leveling Systems for small to midsized RVs. Below are a few examples you might want to look at.

Pop Up Camper Leveling – Recommedations

1: MTI Industries SA-6200 Tung-N-Chok Trailer Tongue Jack Wheel Dock

• Buy From: hannarv.com
• Price: $39.99
• Link: https://is.gd/BPZCMa

2: RV Leveling Blocks, 10 pack

• Buy From: Campingworld.com
• Price: $34.49
• Link: https://is.gd/ltGkPW

3: BAL 28050 Light Trailer Tire Leveler

• Buy From: Amazon
• Price: $77.06
• Link: https://is.gd/wrfgWs

4: Coleman Popup Camper Leveler
• Buy From: colemanpopupparts.com
• Price: $39.95 USD
• Link: https://is.gd/S0aJ8c

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