Pop Up Camper Interior Lights

Pop Up Camper Interior Lights: The Benefits Of LED Lighting

Keeping your pop up camper well lit and looking good is as important as keeping it in good condition mechanically. Over the years, many pop up camper owners have been keen on not only getting the most functional lighting, but to also get the most efficient. Previously, many owners use to opt install a battery monitor to easily track their energy usage, however, with current technical advancements; many owners are currently using LED pop up camper interior lights.

Energy Efficiency

The popularity of these units has mainly been driven by it’s extremely energy efficient nature. Many observers assert that LED bulbs can operate at about 1/10 the energy required for fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. This is important since it is not going to drain your battery as much.

Long Lasting

They are also popular because they last longer. Without a filament to burn or break out, LED lights have been known to last one hundred thousand (100,000) hours. When compared against the traditional incandescent bulbs, this is almost 20 times longer, as a matter of fact, you may never have to change your LED lights for the whole life of your camper.


In addition, LED lights don’t generate heat as the incandescent bulbs do. The bulbs stay cool when lit. This is a matter of fact one of the reasons why the units are safe and efficient. The units are also safer to use and dispose of since they don’t contain any mercury like the fluorescent bulbs which contain a significant amount of mercury. They also produce very little if any UV rays; this does mean that the lighting you use will not fade your interior like incandescent lighting.

Pop Up Camper Interior Lights: Recommendations

Here are some of the popular pop up camper interior lights readily available in the market.

1) Product Name: Amber 6 LED Utility 4” Strip Light

Price: $ 9.04

URL: https://is.gd/3Qeze6

2) Product Name: Double LED Interior Ceiling with Switch

Price: $ 31.60

URL: https://is.gd/chZTSq

3) Product Name: Peterson Manufacturing Deluxe Porch Utility Light

Price: $ 21.99

URL: https://is.gd/VcXAwJ

Pop Up Camper Interior Lights: Frequently Asked Questions

1) My interior Lights on my pop-up are new but not working, what is the problem?

Most likely, the 12V side of your charger/ power converter is not working .But before making such a conclusion, you should check and confirm that no circuit breaker is tripped, no fuses are blown and there are no loose connections on the converter. In addition you should also ensure that the battery shut off switch has not been mistakenly shut off. Some pop up campers do have a switch that automatically shuts off the 12V DCI power to the camper if it is in the down position.

2) How efficient are LED lights when compared against traditional lights?

Even though this depends on the brand and voltage of the unit in question, generally, LED lights tend to use anything between 1/8th and 1/10th of what any traditional bulb or lighting would otherwise use, giving the user some significant savings on power consumed.

3) Are all interior lights waterproof?

No. when you are buying your lights, you should make sure that you inquire whether the units you want to purchase are waterproof or not. Whenever possible, you should always opt for a waterproof unit that can handle the elements.

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