Pop Up Camper Insurance

Pop Up Camper Insurance: 5 Providers For Your Consideration

A tent trailer or a pop-up camper is the modern day equivalent of the covered wagon. They are like a home away from home, so it’s common to find them having a few things on-board. These include a heater, a refrigerator, a stove and many other items.

If you want to enjoy your weekend gateways without having to incur the cost of getting a full RV or a 5th wheel, then a pop-up camper is the most affordable solution for you.

However, it’s still unfortunate that many camper owners don’t have insurance for their tent campers as well as possessions which they travel along with.

Therefore, to get started with your insurance search, it’s advisable that you contact an independent insurance agent so they can compare rates in the market and also match your individual needs.

What A Typical Pop Camper Look Like

These are constructed with collapsible sidewalls which fold/slide down for easy towing. Most of them are typically 12 feet long. However, it’s also possible for these units to be as long as 23 feet. Again, compact size will allow for fast setup so the camper can reach its destination. Lastly, it’s the very basic of all RVs, so the price is also very much pocket friendly.

Why Do You Need Pop Up Camper Insurance?

If you have a newer model, then replacing the tent can be quite harder if you’re not covered or sufficiently covered by your insurer. And when you seek financing during purchase, then considering an insurance option for your pop-up trailer is not an option.

Again, in the event that an accident occurs so the trailer is completely destroyed when it was not insured, then it’s your responsibility to pay the cost.

These units can catch fire, get stolen, or get damaged due to the effects of weather. And in the event that any of these things happen, you will pay for the towing fees or accommodation in case you have to pay for hotel expenses to keep enjoying the final bit of your trip.

It’s also a good idea to get an insurance cover for your personal belongings inside the camper. These may include electronics, cooking equipments, and other valuables.

Finally, you have to know about the issue of liability. In the event that a person you invited for camping got injured in or around the pop-up camper, then you’ll be liable for settling their medical bills.

In short, insuring your pop up camper should provide you with protection as well as peace of mind, knowing that everything is covered.

The amount of coverage you should have:

This figure depends on how frequent you use your pop up camper. But again, there’s the option of adding your pop-up tent trailer insurance to your home or auto insurance. However, if you opt to go for a separate cover, then at least it should contain collision coverage that takes care of your pop up camper in case of damage resulting from collision. You should also consider liability coverage as well as a comprehensive coverage to protect your pop up camper from theft and environmental factors.

The insurer takes into account the age of your pop up camper, the model, current conditions, dimensions of the trailer, driver of the trailer and any safety devices you might have installed in the unit.

Pop Up Camper – Recommendations

The following companies will take care of your pop up camper insurance needs:

1) Progressive Insurance

They have all types of coverage for your recreational vehicle needs. They also offer claim service as well as all-round the clock customer support. You can get quotes online or through your phone, so contact them on 1-855-347-3939. Alternatively, visit their site on http://is.gd/FOELbK for a quick breakdown of what they offer.

2) RVA Insurance

Just like Progressive insurance, this company offers all forms of coverage for pop up camper owners. They also provide unlimited tow and roadside assistance to their clients. Contact them on 888-803-5999. You can also visit this link back to their webpage http://is.gd/HJZAFu.

3) Trusted Choice

They’ve existed for a long time serving the RV insurance market. They offer both compressive insurance, liability, and many other forms of recreational vehicle insurance. You might also want to take advantage of their offers which they run from time to time. You can contact them on 855-372-0071, or use this link http://is.gd/Kg1bRy to visit their website.

4) Blue Sky RV Insurance

This insurance company specifically deals with RV insurance, so you’re most likely going to find good deals here, compared to companies that offer general insurance which is not tailored for pop up campers. Blue Sky RV Insurance is willing to quote you their price when you call this number — 866-484-2583. Alternatively, visit their site using this link http://is.gd/YjxWRf to learn more.

5) Geico Insurance

Geico is one of the most trusted brands in the industry. They offer all types of insurance coverage to recreational vehicle owners. They should be able to get you a quote when you visit their site on http://is.gd/MtPTCa. Alternatively, use their contact page on http://is.gd/MwfIq4 to get make an inquiry.

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