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Pop Up Camper Entry Steps: Manual Or Automatic?

Even though some people may overlook the concept, climbing in and out of a camper trailer or RV can be a considerable chore, especially for those who find climbing stairs challenging. It can also be a tricky task for pets and kids if you have some. To start with, most pop-up campers come with inbuilt steps or stairs but in most cases, the quality is wanting. Most of these either do not function well or end up getting damaged within a short period of use. Thanks to the RV parts market, there are various options of pop up camper entry steps you can purchase for upgrading or replacing your current RV entry stairs. In a nutshell, the best entry steps are those with a stable design featuring the right step size and heights of the rise and drop.

Also, go for a product that is able to support the weight of an average adult without suffering the effects of the impact. Choosing the right entry steps for you RV or camper trailer can be a bit challenging if you don’t have the appropriate knowledge on the things to look for. In addition to the factors already mentioned, there are other important factors to consider when choosing an ideal model for your rig. Below are some incredible tips that you may find resourceful.

Operation Mechanism: Manual Vs Automatic

There are two main types of RV entry steps on the basis of how they operate. These include manual steps and automatic steps. Both of these feature a foldable design that can be unfolded for use and compacted or folded up after use to save space and minimize exposure. Manual steps are operated manually (folding and unfolding), just like the name suggests. On the other hand, automatic entry steps are electronic versions that automatically unfold and fold with the push of a button. Some are equipped with sensors to the vehicle’s ignition signals so that they are retracted automatically upon sensing ignition. Others come with functions such as auto traction and obstruction-sensing, which stops the steps from unfolding or folding up if it encounters some obstruction on its path. In general, automatic versions tend to be higher-end as compared to manual steps.

Appropriate Step Size and Configuration

Depending on how high you pop up camper door is located; there are various options to choose from in terms of step size. The most important thing is to get the measurements right before approaching a store or dealer to make a purchase. Some entry step variants feature an adjustable mechanism, which allows you to lower or raise the steps to suit your requirements. In addition to height, it is also important to consider the appropriate step width that will suit your camper door. These, of course, go hand in hand with stair configuration in terms of the number of steps on the unit. These can range anywhere from single to double, triple, or up to six steps in total.

Material of Construction, Stability

Another important factor to look at is the material used to make the steps. This, of course, has a toll on stability and weight. Most models are made of aluminum and other metal options such as stainless steel. The type of material will also determine the product’s durability as well as the owner’s safety. Weak entry steps or those constructed from materials susceptible to rusting, rotting, or corrosion may easily break during use and cause injurious accidents. Before buying any model, also remember to ask for the maximum amount of weight it can support safely. The frame may also be powder-coated with a finish that protects it from the wearing effects of weather elements.

Anti-Slip Step Surface

The stepping surface is another safety factor that you shouldn’t fail to consider. The best pop up camper entry steps come with an anti-slip surface that eliminates the risk of slipping and falling when climbing up or down the entry stair. Some of the best models come with anti-slip surface pads that can be easily replaced when they wear.

Additional Features and Considerations

Some versions come with additional features such as night vision aids like LED lighting. You can also consider the design and color to match with the rest of your rig or create your desired style. Brand reputation is also quite important. You will also need to consider investing in a model that will suit your current budget.

Pop Up Camper Entry Steps – Recommendations

1: Brophy Camper Scissor 4-Step Aluminum (Non-Slip, 24-Inch, 300 lbs steps)

• Buy From: etrailer.com
• Price: $228.95
• Link: https://is.gd/wkf4bl

2: Lippert Tread Lite 24-inch Single Power Step w/Switch

• Buy From: easternmarine.com
• Price: $452.50
• Link: https://is.gd/ku6JFV

3: 24-inch Quad Step Motorhome Camper Trailer Foldaway Entry Step (27″ Drop)

• Buy From: Amazon
• Price: $269.99
• Link: https://is.gd/etnR6D

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