Pop Up Camper Cushions

Pop Up Camper Cushions: What To Look For

It is surprising that a great number of pop up camper manufacturers cut corners where they can to save on costs. And one of the corners they cut is in the quality of foam materials they use on cushions. You see, a few years down the line, you’ll realize that the pop up camper cushions are no more, making you and your family feel like they need a parachute for soft landing on the dinette cushions.

The most popular pop up camper cushions among RV-iers is the booth-style dinette cushion. This dinette is often used as a bed at the same time. So if your cushions are worn out, you need to replace them with new foam cushions, at the same time, erecting a back-rest foam at the back of the seat. Otherwise, you’ll learn the hard way if you don’t install one.

Taking measurements for your pop up camper cushions

Take a look at your cushions keenly. You’ll realize that all of them are not sewn completely, but are equipped with a zipper to allow you change the foam easily. The first step to replacing the foam is to unzip the cushion so you can pry out the foam. This process involves pulling away both sides of the casing in a bid to free the foam from the casing itself.

Once the foam has been freed from the casing, measure its thickness in more than one area. You will most likely end up with inconsistent results because of the pressure of being sat on and also being trapped inside an enclosed casing. Cushions will typically measure one and a half inches increment.

Take measurements for the length and width in a similar manner. You will also measure the dimensions of the casing so as to buy foam that fits them snugly.

Some manufactures include a layer of white-wispy stuff on top of their foam cushions to make a dacron wrap. Others simply glue it around the foam.

According to some experts, the dacron wrap is included to spruce up the final product so it can look less wrinkly. Furthermore, it extends the lifespan of the cushion, at the same time, making it easier to stuff the cushion into the casing.

But now that you have foam measurements covered, what else do you need to know about foam? There are still a few things you need to know. Foam density is a good thing to know since it indicates the length of time, on average, that the foam will last.

Foam density is measured in pound per square foot. So the bigger the number, the higher the density, and the longer the foam will last. Most foam density are in the size of 1.8 pounds, while the other variables stand for compression and translating the firmness of the foam.

Firmness of the foam is measured by an ILD number, so the higher the ILD number, the firmer it is. So if you’re going to spend most of your sleeping on it, you’ll have to visit a foam retailer to help you feel the softness level first.

Purchasing foam cushions

You could still purchase foam from the web or any other excellent bargain avenue you can find. However, most online retailers will describe the quality of what they sell in non-standardized ways. They will use terms such as ”M-38”, ”Premium” or ”Our Best”. These phrases are meant to deduct some dollars from your pockets.

But now that you’re a knowledgeable consumer, simply contact them so as to ask them about the density of the foam and the ILD number. If they cannot give a clear answer, perhaps you’ll have to look elsewhere. Also the cost of shipping the foam materials to your place will require some additional cost (mostly factored into the price of the foam). Keep in mind that some retailers will offer discount shipping for bulk purchases. But in your case, this might not be practical since you’re looking for 5 or 6 foam products for your camper cushions.

The product will most likely arrive when compressed in some other materials. Now your job is to release it from bondage so as to avoid damage as a result of being compressed for too long.

Working the foam inside their respective casings is never an easy task — you’ll need to work them in bit by bit until the job is done.


Invest in the RV 43X22 dinette cushions booth bed selling for $59 only. Alternatively, go for the 4 piece dinette cushion set for 2 which costs $90. These options look great when properly installed inside your pop up camper (http://is.gd/IerQ0c).

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