Pop Up Camper Cushion Covers – How To Choose The Right One

When shopping for pop up camper cushion covers, it is important to take into account several factors and conditions. These include the closure type used with the cushion cover, the material used to manufacture the cushion cover, the overall design of the cushion cover, the content cover of the cushion cove as well as the size of the cushion cover as well.


There are different materials usually used for making cushion covers. These include materials such as polyester, cotton, leather or even polyurethane. It is important to buy cushions made from a material that’s easy to maintain and clean. A good material should also be durable and be able to withstand the relatively harsh terrain of a pop-up camper.

Insert Type

It is also important to take into consideration the content of the cushion cover when making your choice. Some inserts are quite rigid and oddly shaped, this does imply that the cover should either be custom made or must be specific to that particular cushion. It is also worth noting that a cushion cover is also an artistic page which can be used to beautify your home and in this regard, it is advisable to get a colorful cushion with some images or pictures and beautiful patterns as well.


The size of the cushion cover is also very important, even though there are standard sizes for some of these cushions, at times one may be forced to get the appropriate size. Dinette and Gaucho cushion covers are the most common, even though there are other cushion types meant for Jack knife sofas, sleeper cushions and specialized cushions for Camper Vans.

Closure Type

Last but not least, it is important to take into consideration the type of closure adopted by the cushion cover. Some adopt the envelope closure option, invisible or hidden zipper closure; button- based closure as well as exposed closures. It is important to get the best and most appropriate closure that’s suits the content of filling used inside the cushion and one that also complements the overall décor of the seat.

Pop Up Camper Cushion Covers – Recommedations

Here are some examples of pop up camper cushion covers readily available in the market.

1) Product Name: Set of 5 Red Cushion Covers 16 inches by 16 inches (Embroidery)

Price: $ 19.98

URL: http://is.gd/cza5pC

2) Product Name: IKEA Stockholm Cushion Cover (Stripe, beige and brown)

Price: $ 19.99

URL: http://is.gd/QSKlqw

3) Product Name: Orange Pop Up Camper Van Cushion Cover (35 inches by 50 inches)

Price: $ 21.64

URL: http://is.gd/sXLUrQ

4) Product Name: Yoovmin 2 Pcs Throw Decorative Cushion Cover

Price: $ 22.00

URL: http://is.gd/2sQDKi