Pop Up Camper Countertops

Pop Up Camper Countertops: The Available Options

Of all the interior features of a pop up camper (Jayco, Forest River, Livin Lite, Coachmen, Aliner, etc), pop up camper counters probably absorb the most abuse. That’s because this unit is frequently subject to scraping, chopping, scratching and heating. Therefore, this means that the RV countertop must be able to withstand all the challenges to a reasonable degree.

However, before going to the market to purchase your countertop material, it’s recommended that you learn a few of the options available for your pop up camper. If you use your pop up camper for purposes of cooking, entertaining or relaxing, your countertop material should reflect this.

The unit you choose to build inside your camper must suit the space available, meet your style and address your needs. Thankfully, today’s options are varied and exciting in nature. It only takes your creativity to go for the best countertop material that will wow the world.

The Selection Process Of Pop Up Camper Countertops:

(a) Function

Every camper is different, and therefore there’s no one-size-fits-it-all solution for all campers. If you love slicing and cooking 5 times a week, then it means you’ll have to go for a countertop that correctly meets your requirements. And if you have kids who spill orange juice while smearing jam everywhere, you’ll have to make sure that your countertop is able to stand stains.

In other words, when you’re looking at functionality, you have to address factors such as durability, stain resistance and maintenance. These are factors that play a crucial function in the lifespan of your RV countertop.

(b) Signature style

The second most important thing that people look for is the material and how appealing it is to the eye. Appealing has to come from the look, the feel, texture and general aesthetic beauty of the countertop. How seamless does it integrate with the sink?

You also have to consider additional details such as overhang, edge and thickness options. If you love the end results of what you chose, it’s a good sign that you got the signature style right.

(c) Mix up characteristics

Materials vary in terms of characteristics. Some will stand heat better than others. Some materials are even easier to clean than others. If you like, you can go with one material. However, some camper owners choose a variety of materials so they can reap all the benefits of individual materials in a single RV countertop. If you have enough space and your needs are diverse, you may opt for a butcher block or a stone-topped banking center.

(d) Establish your budget

Determining your budget for the project is not fun. Apparently, you’ll have to determine how much you’re willing to spend. Other than the cost of materials you buy, you may have to account for the cost of transportation and installation. However, if you’re a DIY person, then you can save on some costs associated with installing or even customizing the unit with edge treatment or even when including a sink in place.

You may want to explore the following materials for your camper countertop construction:

1) Granite

This is a special igneous rock formed as a result of cooling of molten materials. This is one of the toughest surfaces on earth, hence they are able to build long-lasting countertops even in homes. However, since they come in a vast array of styles and colors, it’s advisable that you pay a visit to the stone yard so you can have a clue on what you really like. You want to avoid surprises.

2) Marble

Marble is a nice countertop material that could spruce up the inside of your camper if used creatively. This material is considered a rock that was once another type of rock, hence the name metamorphic rock. They come in various colors, styles and textures, so the choice is yours.

3) Engineered stone

This stone is made up of 93% quartz blended with resin and pigments. They’re are available in different sizes, colors and styles to suit your needs. Maintenance is also very simple since you only need to wipe the surface with warm water on a daily basis.

Other options you could go for include laminate, stainless steel, composite, tile, wood and many more. Your options are unlimited.


Options such as Camco 43421 wood accent are cheap yet versatile and ideal for RV applications. At a cost of $27 only, you can begin building your own countertop (http://is.gd/A5WZuZ).

Alternatively, you could go with the Camco 43547 Bamboo stove top work surface which lets you cook conveniently. At a price of $50 only, you can buy this worktop and it will accommodate up to two burners (http://is.gd/x36N60).

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