Personal Wifi Hotspot Devices: Access The Internet From Your Camper

There are various methods of connecting to the internet or staying connected to your PC, laptop (Windows, Mac), tablet, or any other internet enabled device such as your cell phone while on a pop up camper road trip. Some of these include cable connection, cellular data modems, wireless routers, and cellular data from your network provider through your phone. However, Wi-Fi Hotspots or mobile hotspots have become quite popular as one of the most reliable internet connection methods. As a matter of fact, with a mobile hotspot, you can access the internet from more than one device. This makes personal wifi hotspot devices quite reliable and convenient, especially for homes with more than one member or even workplaces and organizations.

Wi-Fi hotspots basically make use of mobile broadband networks from cellular service providers that provide 3G and 4G internet services. In addition to allowing multiple devices to use the same connection, Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot Devices are also advantageous in that they are portable, provide a secure connection and can be customized to the user’s or owner’s preferences. Depending on the network provider and the available broadband data plans, Wi-Fi Hotspot connections can also be cheaper as compared to other options. Here are some crucial pointers regarding Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot Devices you may want to know about.

Your Smartphone Can Be a Wi-Fi Hotspot Device

There are basically two main types if Wi-Fi hotspot devices. You can either go for a wireless network router from a cellular network provider in your area or use your Smartphone as your hotspot device. Most standard modern smartphones operating on android and iOS platforms basically allow you to use the device as a wireless network hotspot that can be shared by up to 5 other devices to access the internet.

Cost Saving Tips

As much as Wi-Fi connections are quite reliable in terms of speed and convenience, there is also the aspect of cost. You can easily end up incurring hefty costs from mobile data if you lack some basic understanding of how these networks operate. The cost-saving tips below can save you from this. As a matter of fact, wireless broadband may cost you a lot more per month than you would have spent on cable or DSL connections.

Choose a Mobile Network Carrier with the Best Data Plan Offers

In the US for instance, there are many different mobile carriers you can choose from for your data plans. Most of them have incredible offers attached to purchases on their Wi-Fi hotspot devices and smartphones. Some of the most popular ones include LTE, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Before buying your wireless connection device, it is important to look at the monthly data costs first and understand the terms and conditions provided by the specific carrier. It is also important to consider other factors such as network speeds.

Contact VS No-Contract Devices

Some wireless network devices are available either as a contract or no-contract variants, depending on where you purchase the device. Most people prefer no-contract options since it doesn’t limit them from switching to other network providers when the grass looks greener on the other side in terms of data costs and internet access speeds. However, no-contract models may cost you more in terms of the initial purchase costs even with the immense flexibility they provide. No-Contract Devices can also be best if you are rather a light internet user and you don’t want to incur costs on something you will be using only infrequently.

Data Limits

Some of the best Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot Devices come with very enticing deals, say up to 500MP per month for free (a subscription fee may be involved) on certain networks. Once this “free” data is exhausted, the rates can abruptly change to something like $10 for a gigabyte of data. If you consume your data without keeping track of your usage, you can end up incurring a huge bill. It is, therefore, important to first understand the data limits provided, even before you buy the Wi-Fi hotspot device or subscribe to a particular data plan. Also, keep an eye on roaming charges, and consider turning off data roaming from the settings if your device allows you to do so. You can also consider rented hotspot from services such as XCom Global.

Other ways you can cut on costs include avoiding too much of streaming websites and turning the hotspot connection off whenever it’s not in active use. All in all, personal Wi-Fi hotspots are one of the best mobile connection solutions, especially for frequent travelers, campers, or people who enjoy going for adventures on their recreation vehicles.

Personal Wifi Hotspot Devices – Recommendations

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