Fly Fishing Gear And Supplies

Fly Fishing Gear And Supplies For The Weekend Fisherman

The fishing gear market has a vast array of assortments that make it quite confusing to pick the right thing. And with this variety also comes a number of high-tech sounding brands, none of which makes sense to the newbie angler. Therefore, in a bid to break this confusion for those buying for the first time, this article will highlight the key things that anglers should know, plus how to go about getting the best fly fishing gear and supplies.


First things first: Fly rods

Fly rods have 3 purposes which they must fulfill. They can be used for line control, casting, or striking and landing fish. Just like a spin rod, a fly rod will let you cast the line with greater precision and power. A good combination of these elements will prevent spooking the fish.

Once the fly is on top of the water, it should be controlled using the line connected to the fly rod. At the same time, the striking and landing mechanism should be used to hook the fish and bring them off the water. Sometimes this is done under great pressure, which means you must go for a fly rod that is able to stand the impact.

The type of fish you intend to capture determines the kind of fishing gear and supplies you go for.

You have to be honest when answering this question. You want to get the most out of your fishing gear. Realize that you need a different type of fly rod when catching small panfish, huge bass or trout. Again, freshwater fishing gear tends to be a lousy choice for those fishing in fresh waters.

Action of the fly rod

There’s a lot of confusion in the fly rod sport and the action of fly rods themselves. You see, the action of a fly rod mainly refers to the flexibility of the equipment. There are 3 types of fly rods selling in the market, and each one of them has a different flexibility level or action.

Fast action fly rods have a long casting element, which gives them a little bit of stiffness and allow for more power when casting into the water. They are also the best choice to use on windy days. They also demand that you work less when casting, since the fast power action somehow takes care of your efforts.

Medium action

They are considered the most versatile in the market. They are easier to learn, and also most appropriate for a variety of fishing conditions. Beginners tend to perform well with this option.

Slow action

These are also quite flexible. They begin bending about 1/4 of the entire length of the rod. The flexibility of this fly rod makes it convenient to cast, at the same time, having a better presentation.

List of fishing gear and supplies you will need

At the very least, you have to own a tackle box that contains the basic fishing equipment needed for the task. A typical tackle box should contain the following things:

– Floaters
– Swivels, to prevent twisting of the fishing line
– Sinkers or weight
– Needle nose pliers, to make your work easier when removing hooks from fish
– A variety of hook sizes to catch different types of fish
– Stringer, for holding the different types of fish you catch
– A flashlight
– A knife
– Sunscreen to protect your skin in the event that you go fly fishing in a hot day
– First aid kit, to help you in the event that a hook accidentally sticks on your thumb

Other recommendations

You need to carry enough bait to allow you catch plenty of fish. Worms will do the trick. And lastly, make sure you carry unscented soap so you can wash your hands just before you touch the bait.

With that list of fly fishing items, it’s time we looked at a few product examples in the market. It’s not a complete list of what you’d want, but it should give you a clue as to how much you will spend for the entire budget.

Fly Fishing Gear And Supplies – Recommendations

1) Gamakatsu 25 pack Octopus hook

This is a simple hook made of forged steel, featuring a closed eye, barbed and off-set point mechanism. The least price you can get them at is $6. (

2) Green glow fishing beads

These 3/8” green glow beads are excellent for deep drop rigs. They are a must-have for every angler. The price is $5. (

3) Yakima bait wordens original rooster tail lure

This is a fancy fish bait you can use instead of worms. It’s attractive to the fish, so you’re able to make catches at all times. This product is available in a number of colors. The cheapest of these products start at $1. (

4) Rapala Rattlin fishing lure

This fishing lure boasts of durability, balanced design, and a special ”tuned” sound chamber loaded with rattlin BBs. It’s a fancy way of luring fish for only $4. (

5) Eagle claw Telescopic rod

This fishing rod is made of durable glass which makes it a perfect item for trail, trunk, and even turbo prop. The combo model also features a light-weight aluminum reel with quick folding mechanism. It comes with a one year warranty. The price is $30. (

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