Fitness Tracking Bands

Fitness Tracking Bands: Stay Active While Out In The Pop Up Camper

With fitness tracking bands being part of a rapidly growing category, getting a good health tracker is no mean feat. This is mainly because there are plenty of models and brands to choose from and getting the best unit out this heap of products can be quite daunting. To help you navigate the ever growing number of options, here are some questions you need to answer before buying a fitness tracker.

What are your goals?

Before you purchase a activity monitor, you should be fully aware of what you want to do with the unit and be realistic with your goals. You should do this by first taking into consideration the activities you are currently doing and the ones you want to do. These devices are motivational to people since they help one get more exercise and live a healthier lifestyle in your pop up camper. In such a setup, if you are keen on swimming or running, make sure you choose a tracker and software that’s been designed for that particular activity.

Which are the available designs?

Most of these health tracking devices come as bands which you should wear on your wrist. Alternatively, there are those that come as clips which you can then hook on to your attire. In addition to the above, there are certain brands that give you both of the above mentioned options while others even allow you to wear the sensors strapped to your shoe laces or to your ankle. Where you wear the watch is usually dictated by how frequently you want to interact with the tracker. In this regard, the display is also very important.

There are units that have screens that show real time activity data which are touch sensitive, giving you an option to either tap or swipe, on the other hand, there are those minimalist pieces that have very discrete LED screens and light indicators which show you how you are progressing. It is recommended that you go for the design that serves you best.

Which Kind of features do you want?

For starters, almost all fitness trackers have two main essential features; calories and steps. Distance and sleep monitoring are also becoming standard features for many new trackers. However, there are numerous features which one can opt for depending on what you want to achieve. If you want to know the number of stairs you climb in a day then you should opt for a unit that has a standard accelerometer as well as an altimeter. If you want to know your heart rate as you exercise then opt for an activity tracker that sports a heart rate monitor. For cyclists and climbers as well as runners, getting a device with GPS tracking is also very important.

Fitness Tracking Bands – Recommendations

Here are some of the best wrist activity trackers readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband

Price: $ 119.99


2) Fitbit Alta Fitness Wristband

Price: $ 129.95


3) Fitbit Flex Small fitness Wristband

Price: $ 129.99



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are fitness bands suddenly so popular?

A: Fitness trackers are used to keeping track of a person’s fitness progress. They have gained the sudden popularity because of factors like personal accountability. They help track an individual’s progress, and they encourage people psychologically to do better each day.

They also help someone achieve their set goals enhancing competition with oneself. Unlike the gym or even workout classes and physical exercises, where people can feel insecure, you can tune them in a way that works best for you. Most importantly, they have the ability to perform many tasks automatically depending on the steps taken; distance traveled or calories taken among others.

Q: Which fitness band is waterproof?

A: Many of the best trackers are resistant to moisture and dampness. For example, Garmin Forerunner 732XT and Misfit Flash Link are waterproof. In addition to these, Fitbit Flex 2, Garmin Forerunner 35, Misfit Ray, Polar A360, and Moov Now are also good trackers, and they are waterproof.

Q: Which fitness bands track cycling?

A: In the past, cyclists used to monitor their data by use of standard bicycle speedometers. Currently, with the development of fitness trackers, cyclists now have better choices to make. They choose between computer trackers, smartwatches to wear on the wrists or ankle trackers. The following are used to track cycling.

1. Garmin Edge 520
2. Garmin Edge 1000
3. Polar V650 GPS bicycle computer
4. Garmin Vivoactive
5. Fitbit Surge-Cycling tracker and heart rate monitor
6. Moov Now

Q: How do fitness bands track sleep?

A: There are those bands that measure sleeping habits using a sleep mode that seeks to provide people with some view into their shut-eye. They give data like, how long the user slept, how many times they were restless, and some even offer sleep stages like in-depth and light sleep. They measure sleep using sensors called accelerometers that discover the user’s motion, speed and direction of the motion.

Q: How do fitness bands calculate calories?

A: The main reason why people consider to use fitness trackers is that of their ability to burn calories. They use an accelerometer that measures movements regarding speed, frequency, direction and the duration. It discovers the calories burned by the heart beat measured. The bottom line is that these devices use sensors and algorithm to measure the calories burned by the user.

Q: How do fitness bands track distance?

A: They track distance by multiplying the user’s walking steps by the length of the strides and multiplying their running steps by the length of their running stride. The stride lengths are estimated using the user’s height and gender. For those that have a connected GPS system, the data is evaluated to automatically to update the duration of the user’s family stride.

Q: How do fitness bands measure steps?

A: Since they can be worn throughout the day, they can easily track steps. They have a 3 axis accelerometer that senses the movements of the body continuously. It starts recording data immediately it is powered up. The collected data is stored in the tracker, and then later it is transferred to the software in a smartphone or a computer.

Q: What fitness bands work with Android?

A: Android is an operating system based on Linux Kernel, so all devices built in this category can be used with Android devices. These devices include; Xiaomi Me Band 2, Mio Slice, Samsung Gear S3, Narrative Clip 2, Kigo Watch, Emotiv Insight, Spectacles, Helo LX and Suitx Phoenix.

Q: What fitness bands work with Atrava?

A: The following smart watches work best with Strava. Apple watches, Fitbit Surge, Sony Smartwatch 3 SWR50, Garmin Vivoactive, Pebble Time, and Microsoft Band.

Q: Which fitness bands work with Health Kit?

A: Many fitness trackers have been made, but only a few can work with Apple’s Health kit. Some of these fitness trackers include; Withings Activite which concentrates on style, Fitbit Charge 2, Fitbit Alta HR, Huawei TalkBand B2, Misfit Flash, Misfit Shine 2, Misfit Ray and Jawbone UP3.

Q: Which fitness bands work with iPhone?

A: The following devices are compatible with iPhone. Airpods, Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones, Belkin Fitness Armband For iPhone 7 Plus, Garmin Index Smart Scale, Beddit 3 Sleep monitor and Wahoo Fitness KICKR SNAP Bike trainer.

Q: Where to buy fitness bands in Bangalore?

A: There are several shops in Bengaluru that sell fitness bands. For example, Amy Enterprises, HiCorp Galleria, and Trek Technology India Private Limited.

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