Camping Essentials Checklist

Camping Essentials Checklist – For Any Successful RV Camping Excursion

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Preparations are essential for any outdoor adventure or pop up camper road trip. It is therefore very important to have all the necessary supplies and equipment necessary to make the adventure a total success. Having a checklist is a good tool to help you with your overall organization. It is worth mentioning that your camping list is bound to vary depending on the type of camping activity you may have planned. Additional considerations are the places you intend to visit, the duration you will be away and the time of the year you are going for your vacation. Here is a general camping essentials checklist worth taking a close look at and using when going out for a camping vacation.


For shelter purposes, if you want to use a tent, it is advisable to come with a tent, some extra stakes, a ground cloth or tarp. Make sure you have a shade poles and tarps. Have an axe or hammer as well as a dust pan or brush.


For bedding purposes, make sure you come with a functional sleeping bag, sets of clean sets of blankets and sheets, a pillow, an air mattress, a sleeping pad, a cot if you have a child and a tarp. If you have an air mattress, make sure you carry an air pump and a repair kit for the air mattress. It is also important to have utility bags for storage of items while you are outdoors.

Young Children

If you have children, make sure you have packs of wipes, diapers, set of cups, a blanket, a stroller, backpack carriers, hats, some toys, a baby swing, storybooks, snacks, pajamas and milk. It is important to also ensure that the child has enough medication just in case the child falls ill.

Cooking Supplies

For cooking purposes, make sure you have a large water jug and water bucket. Have a set of thermos, coolers and ice, a stove with either propane or fuel, a set of lighters as well as a box of matches. You should also make sure you have a BBQ grill or a campfire grill. Have also some sets of plastic silverware, some plates, bowls as well as paper plates, measuring cups as well as some heavy duty aluminum foil. Some paper towels, a dish soap, some cooking oil or pam spray and some containers for food storage are also a must have. Oven mitts, pot holders, cooking utensils, tongs, bottle opener, cutting board, zip lock bags, potato peeler, dish pan, folding table, pie irons and mixing bowls are also very important.


The amount of clothes you will carry is directly correlated with the number of days you will be outdoors. Make sure you have a pair of boots and shoes, a pair of jeans, shorts, T-shirts, a pair of pants, a set of extra under wears, a pair of hats, some rain gear, a bandana, sleep clothes , a sweatshirt or jacket and a few pairs of socks should form part of your essentials. Make a point of having a laundry bag, a swim suit and a towel.

Personal Hygiene

For your personal care, make sure you carry some flip flops or shower shoes, some washcloth, a tooth brush , some toothpaste, a tin of deodorant, a comb or brush , a tin of insect repellent and a razor will all come in very handy. It is also important to carry all the necessary feminine products some toilet paper, a shower pump, a camping shower, a shower bag or a five gallon bucket and any other personal medication you may need or may have been prescribed to you by your doctor of personal physician.

First Aid

One of the most important set of essentials is a first aid kit. Have a set of roll bandages, antiseptic wipes, sterile gauze pads, cotton swabs, safety pins, a bee sting kit, some sunscreen; scissors, sterile compresses, sinus medications, some tweezers as well as splinting materials should always constitute your first aid kit. You should also ensure that you carry some burn ointment, heat/ cold packs, hydrogen peroxide, a thermometer and a snake bite kit. some eye drops.

There should also be some over the counter painkillers and anti-acids, some road flares, an antibiotic soap, latex gloves, mole skin for blisters as well as ace bandages should also be included in your first aid kit. It should be noted that even though there are standard first aid kits out in the market, it is very important to personalize or customize your own kit by adding on what is already in the kit; desist from removing anything you find already pre-packed into a first aid kit, you never know when it come in quite handy.

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