Best PC Laptops

Best PC Laptops: Tips To Finding The Best For Use In A Pop Up Camper

Whether you are looking to play games, continuously stream movies, take some online classes or are simply keen on staying connected while travelling in your pop up camper, the current best PC laptops have mastered the art of balancing portability with power as well as performance that you require. As you begin your search for the most appropriate laptop, it is important to do so after going through an overview of some of the most important features to consider when choosing a PC laptop. The best way of getting these facts is by asking some fundamental questions.

How do you intend to use your laptop?

How you use your machine will dictate the kind of laptop you need to purchase. Light use includes using the machine to surf the web, social networking, sharing and organizing digital photos etc. Average use includes storing and streaming movies and music as well as undertaking tasks such as creation of spreadsheets and other documents. Demanding use includes multitasking with multiple programs and tabs as well as photo editing and sophisticated graphics as well as video production. For more demanding use, you will require a higher resolution screen, a larger hard drive, more system memory and a faster processor.

How important is portability to you on a daily basis?

Generally, the weight of a laptop is affected by some of the features it presents. Features such as screen size, capacity and type of built-in storage devices as well as the presence or absence of a CD/DVD tend to affect a laptops weight and size. Generally, these machines fall into several categories, the 3lbs or less are ideal for students who are keen on performing basic web surfing and e-mailing. Then there are the 4 to 5lbs category which provides a balance between portability and power and is ideal for users who occasionally want to work out of office. Then there are the 6lbs. or more workhorses that offer larger screens and powerful processors which are ideal for professionals and gamers who rarely use their laptops off their desks.

How does the laptop feel when you hold it?

Unbeknown to many, you can learn a lot about a laptop by simply handling it. Clasps and hinges should feel sturdy and strong enough to withstand daily use. Make sure you test the body and lid, these are typically made from aluminum and plastic- they should be lightweight and rigid. The depth and spacing of the keyboard should also allow for easy and comfortable typing while the mouse buttons and track pad should enable you to solidly zoom, scroll and click without skipping. You should also ensure that the machine has a numeric keyboard.

Is there a particular Operating System (OS) that you are keen on using?

The OS is the heart of your laptop since it managed all hardware and software including connected devices, memory and files. There are several OS options in the market such as OS X, Windows and Chrome OS. OS X is exclusively installed on MAC computers and does boast an elegant and easy to use interface. However, Mac Books tend to be pricy and to date no model does include touch screen functionality. Windows OS is used in most laptops and features lots of navigation options as well as streamlined file management as well as a suite of built-in apps. On the other hand, Chrome OS is featured exclusively in Chromebook line of computers and runs cloud based programs and custom apps rather than traditional software.

Best PC Laptops – Recommendations

Here are some of the best PC laptops readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: XPS 15 Laptop

Price: $ 999.99

Product URL:

2) Product Name: Asus Chromebook Flip

Price: $ 249.00


3) Product Name: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

Price: $ 1142.10


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Which Laptop Brand Is Most Reliable?

A: When it comes to choosing the right PC laptops for you, one of the most important factors to consider is the brand reliability. There are obviously more than a few brand names you may have heard of in the market today, but neither of them may be the ultimate best or worst for you. On the contrary, the quality of the model and its reputation in the market may matter more. In general, however, Apple, HP, Asus, and Acer, happen to be the most spoken about.

Q: Which Laptop Is Good For Gaming?

A: PC games are great for the mind, body and soul. The fanatics and enthusiast of gaming truly feel their best when tackling their adventures on the desktop side of things. However, it even gets better with a PC laptop with strong graphics and high performances technical specs. When looking for a good gaming laptop, the MSI GT72S-Dominator Pro G-Dragon can be a great choice. It features am Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 GPU graphics card, whose market price goes for as much as $550 in order to provide the precision and speed that is required for an amazing gaming experience.

As a matter of fact, this is the recommended GPU compatible with the most recently developed virtual reality gaming headphone, The Oculus Rift, which is actually forcing its enthusiasts to spend hundreds of dollars upgrading their desktop PCs. However, it tends to be a bit heavy, making it a bit wanting when it comes to the portability side of things.

Q: Who Sells Laptop Chargers?

A: There are numerous vendors of PC laptops accessories. However, it depends on; the model and brand whose laptop you are looking accessories for. When it comes to chargers, for instance, the laptop brand or manufacturer produces extra charger units and avails them in such a way that you won’t lose out in case you need a replacement. The same case applies to other accessories such as RAMs, Hard Drives, Graphics cards, and other parts including the ones needed during laptop repairs.

Q: Are Laptop Keys Removable?

A: Laptop keys are indeed removable, but their removal requires a certain level of specialty in the tech hardware specialization. It is advised that you do not attempt to remove the keys without an appropriate need to do so. If the keyboard is giving you problems, visiting a qualified technician or a support shop may be more advisable than trying things on your own. Once plucked, some keys may not be replaceable

Q: Are Laptop Chargers Interchangeable?

A: The only best advice you can get about your laptop and your charger is that you have to take extreme care of you’re the adaptor or charger. If you misplace or lose it, more often than not, you have to look for one that not only looks exactly like the one for your laptop but the one for the exact same model.

Sometimes you may find that a charger may fit the charging port of your laptop, but it won’t deliver the appropriate current to charge your PC. Some even end up damaging or short-circuiting their portable PCS in the bid to use the wrong adaptor or charging unit.

Q: Are Laptop Hard Drives Compatible With Desktops?

A: For most laptops, the hard drives utilize the same filing systems as those utilized by the desktop computers. The main differences could may, however, exist when it comes to the size of the hard disks as well as the connection to PC motherboard. The truth is that some laptop hard disk can be made compatible with desktops if the right connectors are used. For instance, there are connectors for IDE to SATA and SATA to IDE. This means that you can install an old laptop hard drive on your desktop computer or even use it as an external hard disk drive using SATA to USB or SATA to HDMI connector/cable. Again, the success of your little project may depend on your laptop model and brand.

Q: Are Laptop Sales Declining?

A: Since the discovery of tablets, 2 in 1s and smartphones, the laptop market has indeed suffered its blows. However, people are still buying laptops regardless of newer and better computing devices in terms of flexibility and portability. You cannot ignore the fact that these newer inventions have had an impact on laptop sales over the past half a decade, but since even better laptops that are stronger and more intelligent than even the desktop computers are still being developed, it’s almost just like comparing sandals with closed shoes.

The thing is, you might still need a laptop even if you own a tablet or smartphone, and vice versa. It would also not be incorrect to argue that since there are many alternatives nowadays to using a laptop, the ones that we currently own will have a significantly longer lifetime, reducing the chances that we might need to replace them anytime soon.

Q: Are Laptop CD Drives Universal?

A: Most people think that one of the most delicate parts of a Pc laptop is the CD drive. This may be true depending on whether or not you use your laptop CD drive for demanding tasks such as burning CDS and watching movies or copying files all so frequently. Its delicateness may also depend on the brand and model. Universal CD drives are available, meaning that they can be installed on theoretically any laptop. However, it practically depends on the brand and model on your laptop. Some are designed in such a way that they only configure with the intended original drive. Some of them can even be modified to act as external CD drive as the slave or the master. However, it most often takes a specialist or hardware technician to tell.

Q: Where Is The Laptop Model Number?

A: Just like most other electronics, PC laptops have some model numbers and even the build number indicated in the form of a special code somewhere. If not all of them, most have a special sticker at the bottom of the device. Sometimes the model number is indicated together or alongside the serial number of the laptop.

The serial and model numbers are two important numbers when it comes to the identification and troubleshooting of your computer. It is therefore quite important to have these two numbers indicated elsewhere for your own references in the case a need arises. Sometimes these numbers are located beneath the PC laptop battery.

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