Best Mac Laptops

Best Mac Laptops: Vital Shopping Tips

At first glance, Apple does seem to have what can be described as a simple product grid when it comes to the best Mac laptops. If you want one for internet access from your pop up camper, you can opt to choose between the ultra-powerful MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air and the MacBook. However, there are a couple of different screen sizes along with storage, CPU, RAM and more. With options for just about everything, there are several key options you need to take into consideration.

Amongst the three options, which one is the best for you?

Whether you are jumping onto the Apple bandwagon for the first time or been using a Mac for ages, there are lot of options and features to choose from. The MacBook Air is the lightweight laptop and comes in two different form factors, the 13 and 11 inch. In addition, it is the least expensive model. The base models are equipped with 16GHz processors, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of SSD storage. The standard 13 inch MacBook pro is the next in the lineup. It does include an internal SuperDrive and also sports 4GBof RAM as well as a SATA connected 500 GB hard drives. This does make it the last MAC laptop that still uses what can be termed as a regular hard drive. It does also sport a 25GHz processor. The latest unit is the MacBook Pro with Retina display and is equipped with a 2.7GHz dual-core i5 processor, 128GB of SSD storage and 8GB RAM. It is available in 13 and 15 inch options and uses Intel Iris Pro integrated graphics.

Between the MacBook Pro 11-inch vs. the 13 Inch: which is the best laptop for you?

Even though both the 13 and 15 inch MacBook Pro with retina display and are therefore thinner and lighter than other conventional alternatives, the 15 inch is an ideal option for those who are keen on more screen real estate as well as faster processing capabilities. It is also important to mention that this Retina display model is the only 15 inch that’s manufactured by Apple. This is also the only model that sports a discrete graphics chip, the Nvidia GeForce GT 750 graphics and is for all intents and purposes, Apples extreme performer.

What about screen size versus display density for MacBook Air?

It is important to note that the MacBook Air is still not available with a Retina display since both models do sport LED panels. The 13 inch has a 1440 by 900 pixel display while the 11 inch has a resolution of 1366 by 768. However, the 11 –inch MacBook Air with a 16:9 display ratio does have a wider looking display than other models, giving it a more cinematic look and feel. However, with pixel densities of 128 pixels per inch for the 13 inch and 135 pixels per inch for the 11 inch, they are all sharp and provide clear displays which can generate millions of colors.

Best Mac Laptops – Recommedations

Here are some of the best MAC laptops deals readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Price: $ 1,999.99


2) Product Name: Apple- MacBook Air 13.3” Display Intel Core i5

Price: $ 999.99

3) Product Name: Apple MacBook 12” Display- Intel Core M5

Price: $ 1599.99


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who Invented The Mac Laptop?

A: It was invented by the Apple on the 20th of September 1989 as the first ever portable computer. It was quite exorbitant to the tune of four times the price of IBM which a major rival then.

Q: Which Mac Laptop Is Better For College Students?

A:Despite the fact that Mac laptops are rated expensive than ordinary Pc computers, it is still advisable for college students because Mac laptops are powerful and long lasting and have high safety standards since they are not vulnerable to virus attack or malware cases hence not only important for college life but also the following years after.

There is no one size fits all but it is recommended to match ones budgetary and line of study to a Mac laptop choice depending on features, software and additional services provided for during course period. For example, those in education realms such as a degree in music, film, and video, or graphic design, should consider more portable machine due to their high mobility and despite having a smaller screen, the students can obtain cheaper screens or TV. Mac Pro will be the most favorite.

Q: How Much Are Mac Laptop Computers?

A: They come in various discounted selection with prices ranging from $1,099. All orders come with free shipping cost and also one year of warranty similar to the new units.

Q: How Much Are Mac Laptop Batteries?

A: There are innumerable batteries depending on specifications but prices for new range from $75 with the already used as low as $54.

Q: How Much Are Mac Laptop Chargers?

A: There are different types of chargers depending on tasks to be performed but preferred charger should offer immunity to short circuiting, have automatic multi-rate charging, have charging curve selection and be compatible to lead acid batteries. Its price should range from $45 to $80.

Q: What Mac Laptop Is Best For Gaming?

A: there are several Mac ranges but people have different tastes and preferences but most suitable is MacBook Pro and 27 inch iMac because it has powerful graphics cards able to drive high-quality Retina display and quite exceptional at 3D gaming.

Q: Where Can One Buy A Used Mac Laptop?

A: It is recommended to take cautious steps before investing in used laptop since there exist sites where their acquisition can be retrogressive and not being able to get value for one’s money. Among the available locations are; eBay, Megamacs, and Apple Store. Most importantly, one should know that even the already used vary in quality thus should be sensitivity to how used the machine is to negotiate for an optimal purchase price.

Q: What Mac Laptop Is The Cheapest?

A: To obtain a Mac laptop at pocket-friendly prices, it is advisable to buy a refurbished MacBook Pro or Air both from Apple. This comes with one full year of warranty with the possibility to also buy an Apple care for the machine of choice. The prices range from $400 to $ 8,000. They are offered on free shipping cost and also free returns.

Q: What Should Be Done When Mac Laptops Gets Wet?

A: It is vital to determine the circumstances such to what extent did this unwelcoming situation occur that is whether it was sprinkled on, what was the nature of the liquid and whether it was completely submerged.

In cases where it is perceived mild and water as the major cause, it is viable to put it away in warm places accessible to the sun for probably a week till presumed dry then an attempt of booting is recommended but if severe that other fluids other than water and occurrence of complete submergence, it is strictly important to contact Apple technical team for assistance but of course with preparation to stomach the consequential cost.

Q: What Should Be Done When Mac Laptops Overheat?

A: In the case of overheating suspicion, one should first look at the temperature since there is an enabled temperature monitored by inbuilt sensors and fans. This is done by installing a Temperature Gauge Pro obtainable from Apple website or iStat Pro for free known for basic temperature regulation and reporting. However, it should be noted that Mac’s CPU temperature can rise to 90 degrees Celsius which is still within normal range. There should be a cause for alarm in case MacBook physical temperature is high and the fans tend to spin for no reason as this could indicate most issues being at fault.

During this period, update the Temperature Gauge Pro software, avoid usage on the lap or bed but put on table tops and also check room temperatures which should be in optimal ranges of 10-35 degrees. In addition, if in the use of an adaptor, it is advisable to plug in MagSafe adaptor prior to plugging in into the mains. If the issue still persists, opt for runaway app which is caught in a loop and can use up a battery power and CPU resources without straining the system.

Q: What Should Be Done When A Mac Laptop Freezes?

A: For unresponsive application force quit without rebooting by pressing (Command + Option + Esc keys). If this fails, restart the system by (Control + Command keys and then press the power button) and as a last option pull the plug and finally one can restart the system in safe mode.

Q: Where Can Financing Be Obtained For A Mac Laptop?

A: There are financing options which recommend putting entire purchase on credit terms. The Barclaycard Visa option also gives bonus points each time one shops with it thus for every 2,500 points earned, one gets a $25 Apple Store Gift Card or iTunes card.

One is financed at no interest if a purchase is made within promotion period and financed within the first 30 days of account opening. Promotion period ranges from one year if below $999 and above 18 months for above $999.

Q: Where Can One Buy Mac Laptop Cases?

A: Most Macs are costly hence require good protection from drops, dings, and scratches besides having an Apple Care Protection. This calls for the need of top rating cases and covers that are attractive, unique, designed for graceful aging and equally comfortable for the wrists. It is advisable to do a proper background check before making the decision on where to buy based on budget range and one’s objective. Such places include;,, and

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